Log Management

Batch Processing

That was yesterday. Big data pipelines, digital transformation and large-scale shifts to the cloud have a new dimension: workload automation.

The big challenge

The big challenge, however, is the evidence base for your processes, data and systems – your log files. Whether GOB, EU DSGVO, BaFin, MaRisk, HGB, Solvency II, MaRisk, BAIT – do you feel secure with these topics?

End-to-end processes

But your use cases are also becoming more complex – end-to-end processes are becoming increasingly automated & orchestrated with software. A challenge for your users from development, operations, service desk and specialist departments and for us to make this software as user-friendly and audit-proof as possible.

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Log files

provide a large amount of information in the area of workload automation about process chains that are running through, their results and any unusual events. The processing of these job logs forms the basis for a large variety of evaluations.

Beta Log

brings together job output stored by workload automation systems on hybrid platforms comprising cloud, mainframe, Windows, Linux/ Unix systems and applications (e.g. SAP) in one place - and makes it available from there throughout the company. Beta Log processes both the user data of the log files and the respective meta information on the execution context of the job, which provides important orientation in the event of an IT audit.

Want to become audit compliant? We can do it!

Our software backs up all your logs in a compliant manner. Across applications. In one place. Simple and secure, no matter what operating system, database or scheduler you use. Beta Log: Our  audit-proof archive for your cross-platform log data management. So IT auditors don’t find any bugs in the first place.

That time again? The IT audit is coming?

Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you. Our software allows you to easily and quickly overview and archive logged information – all in accordance with strict legal guidelines. With decades of experience in analyzing system vulnerabilities, you can rely on us.

Compliance violations are expensive. Prevent them!

Our software helps you monitor and log your company’s IT systems 24/7 – digital compliance, regulatory, 4-eyes principle, shadow IT, long-term archiving and setup audit. This way, you can focus on your core business while we ensure the auditability of your data.

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